Update before we go!

Just a quick update before we fly on Friday..  I’M SO EXCITED!

Well it’s week 1 of round 4 of 12wbt, and for the first time this year I’m not in it.  It feels a bit sad like I’m missing out on something, but at the same time I know I’m okay without it.  My eating has been reasonable, and I have continued to maintain weight without any of that pesky weight creep.  Exercise has been non-existent and for the first time ever I can feel what it feels like to lose fitness.  It’s crap!

My goal for the holiday is to not gain weight and I think that’s more than achievable.  We will be walking everywhere, all day (as opposed to sitting at a computer!) but I’m sure there will be lots of yummy eating too so the plan is that it will all balance out.  There’s a couple of other things that I want to do too, such as I’m thinking we could walk up Mount Vesuvius when we’re in Italy.  I can tell you I certainly didn’t have an interest in doing that last time we were there in 2009!

I’m going to miss my Oscar (dog).  A LOT.  Our friends have moved in to our house tonight and will be house-sitting the animals and the house whilst we are away, which is so awesome it can’t be put into words.  Putting the 2 cats and the dog into boarding for a month would not only be heinously expensive, but I’d feel super guilty about it too!  Although my friend (let’s call him Tim again..) came over this afternoon so I could teach him how to take Oscar for a walk.. and he made us all go for a run!!  ARGH!  I haven’t run for weeks and I was back to having a stitch and it was horrible and unexpected!  He’s planning on taking Oscar running regularly for his cardio since he’s in a Rugby off-season apparently.. I may come home to a very fit dog.

This was me sleeping with the dog last night while my husband is in Sydney for work (shhhh don’t tell him!):

Okay that’s enough from me, I’ll be back in time for Christmas!  In the meantime I intend on blogging our trip at blog.daisyr.com if you’re keen :)

Daisy xx

PS here’s some cool links I’ve read recently that I thought were worth sharing.

This one from 70s Big, I love this site they’re so hilarious and the Monday blog posts are dedicated to women which is pretty cool.  This post is about the problems women can have with squats if they tend to wear heels and sit with their legs crossed a lot – http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/11/the-danger-of-being-a-woman/

This one from Nerd Fitness, this post is so true and really re-inforces the Mish mantra of Consistency is Key – http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/11/15/are-you-boring/

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