Rage Against The Machine – Nerd Fitness

Great post on NerdFitness! Why you should choose free weights over weights machines – link here.

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  1. I can’t find the post where I mentioned something about eating more but I wanted to send you a link to a very interesting blog post I just read. You might find it interesting.

    I love nerd fitness! Can’t do any heavy leg work though at the moment as I reinjured a ligament sprain in my back last week doing dead lifts. I have to start Pilates again because my core has weakened :( I find Pilates incredibly boring.

    • Thank you! That was interesting, and I thanks for a new blog to follow, feel free to link me any more that you like!! I love nerd fitness as well, I even got my dad doing one of his bodyweight routines.

      Sorry to hear about your back, deadlifts scare me a bit for that reason. I hurt myself doing something silly ages ago when I first started out and then refused to do them again, but I since found sumo deadlifts suit my body proportions a lot better. I STILL haven’t tried pilates, I thought it would be cool! Hope you recover quickly :)

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